Business intelligence


Business Intelligence environments are a key element for many companies today because they allow decisions to be made based on the analysis of information available in various sources. The data alone are not valuable enough. It is necessary to be able to analyze them effectively in order to acquire the knowledge that allows decisions to be made quickly and correctly. In Arsys we have a great experience in the provision of infrastructures to host this type of tools and help your company make the best business decisions.


At Arsys we have an infrastructure that adapts to all your needs to host your Business Intelligence tool and, of course, ERP or DataWarehouse platforms. The Business Intelligence infrastructures can be very varied and must be adapted to the needs of your project depending on the volume of users, environments to deploy, software chosen, etc.

At Arsys we offer you our Cloud Hosting platform. We will create a customized infrastructure so that your virtual machines are located in localized ESX servers so that they do not coexist with the virtual machines of other clients. In this way, the rest of the infrastructure can be in CloudBuilder: storage cabinet, network elements, control panel, etc.

We can also design your solution on Hybrid Cloud platforms. In this case, we will combine our Cloud platform with physical servers. We have a wide range of equipment that can incorporate local SSD disks or, even, storage in a shared cabin on an FC or SSD disk. This storage service is fully scalable and you can make it grow at any time immediately, depending on the project you need it.

As for the software, you can choose the one you prefer. We put at your disposal a reliable platform and a scalable and easy to manage cost model so you can have the one that best suits the requirements of your project.

Finally, as regards communications, we have IPSec VPN solutions or, even, dedicated communications lines to give access to your users. In Arsys you can contract both the IPSec or SSL VPN service and connect your users with the Arsys platform through a communication line displayed by your usual operator.


 Cutting-edge technology

  You will have storage in service mode on SSD or FC discs and you will be able to expand the contracted capacity as needed and when you need it.

 Made to measure

  We design your architecture according to the needs of your project: cloud, physical or hybrid environments.


  You no longer need to deal with large hardware investments that you do not know if you will ever use.