The cloudstorage allows you to store, archive and backup large volumes of information ensuring the protection of critical, confidential or sensitive data, with the most complete security measures. In Arsys we offer you the services of Storage in the Cloud with the maximum guarantees of security, reliability and integrity of the information. For this we have the best manufacturers of recognized prestige in the sector such as HP, NetApp and IBM.

Your project will be analyzed by our experts to propose a solution that perfectly suits your needs. For this, for example, we use different disk technologies according to your specifications (SATA, SAS, SSD).


High performance cloud storage

ECS (Efficient Cloud Storage) is a storage service designed in the Cloud and designed for the Cloud. Among the advantages of this cloud storage model is the possibility of storing files and objects in a flexible, scalable architecture and at much lower costs than traditional storage architectures. Other of its most notable features are the durability, availability and scalability.

To use the ECS storage it is not necessary to have any other service and it can be used independently. Consequently, it is accessible both from services hosted on Arsys (Cloudbuilder Next and Dedicated Servers), as well as from the Internet or your offices through secure networks.

Access to this service is done through API, through a simple software. If you wish in the following links you can download all the documentation for you to check it:

Normally this type of storage is usually used to:

  • Backup
  • Support in Disaster Recovery
  • Software development
  • Native cloud apps for smartphones and tablets


Performance and availability

The storage models EPCS (Efficient Plus Cloud Storage) and HCS (High Cloud Storage) are the natural storage alternative for cloud processing services located in Arsys (Cloudbuilder Next and Dedicated Servers). Although all Cloud service servers such as Cloudbuilder Next have local storage from the operating system point of view, it is sometimes necessary to equip these external storage devices.

In both cases, storage services are accessible by file protocols (NFS or CIFS) from Cloud servers hosted in our Data Centers. The main difference between the two lies in the performance. EPCS storage is a medium performance service, while the HCS is a high performance service.

These cloud storage models are usually used primarily for:

  • Business applications
  • Databases
  • Exchange mail services
  • Big Data (online process)